Abstract Oil Paintings

21 Mar

Kirat1 Kirat2Kirat3
This abstract landscape was inspired by one of my favorite artists, Richard Dibenkorn. I was moved by his use of colors and layering simple and complex passages close together. I have added pieces of lace and other materials for additional texture. This piece deserves a good long gaze to appreciate it.


Cabinet Shelf Paintings

21 Mar

Disillusion2 Disillusion3 Disillusion4

This green  dimensional cabinet piece I build to house objects. There is a positive and negative play going on with the surface. Paint layers are built up as well as strides from woodcutting tools are scraped away. The boxes are lined with a decorative green felt fabric which you can customize by placing personal and unique objects inside for display.


Artwork for the Home

3 Mar

These pieces will be going up for sale on Etsy this spring. Stay tuned for more to come…

They love it!

22 Nov

Finally I was able to finish this for my dear friends Emily and Ian. It was their wedding present. Totally fun and true to their spirit as a couple. I recreated this pose from a favorite engagement photo and turned them into Day of the Dead, Bride and Groom. They have a strong connection with Mexico so this is very fitting. I'm so glad it's finally in their home.

Dear Mr. Inferno: please go away so that I can paint again without passing out in studio

11 Aug

This is a new series I’ve been working on/talking about for a while. It combines mismatched fabrics with oil paint. I am interested in the mystical meaning behind animals. There are some animals I feel especially drawn to.  After doing some research on the symbolic meanings of  these animals I found it interesting that many were characteristics I found in myself or desire to possess. I also like the idea of people resembling animals either by appearance or personality. This might be obvious to some people since I’ve been coined as a mouse by some of my close friends and have named my art and design company, Mousey.

This is still in progress work and I will post again when I get to another stage.

il bel far niente

8 Aug

…The art of making something out of nothing.

I thought I would make a more current collection of my art and creative adventures. I plan to post current art projects and updates on my products at my hair accessory site http://www.bemousey.com